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Silicon Valley means Networking, Tech Events and Business

by Luca Filigheddu on September 14, 2008

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After six months since my last visit (I had to come in June, but my second son was just arriving…), I’m spending a couple of weeks in Silicon Valley again. I’m writing this while on a flight to San Francisco and we should land in about four hours now. UPDATE: arrived at my hotel on time

My schedule is pretty tight but if you want to catch up, please drop me a line and I’ll try to rearrange my schedule accordingly (I’ll do my best!).

Approximately, my schedule looks like this:

  • Sept 14th (Sunday): Jet Lag recovery time
  • Sept 15th – 17th (morning): Los Angeles at the ITExpo. I’m going to moderate a panel about Open Source VoIP.
  • Sept 18th: in San Francisco for Mobilize, the conference organized by GigaOM (meetings there). In the late evening, meetings in Palo Alto
  • Sept 19th: stuck in meetings
  • Sept 22th: meetings (some time slots still available here)
  • Sept 23rd: in San Francisco: meetings + SF Beta in San Francisco
  • Sept 24th: San Jose: Streaming Media West + meetings
  • Sept 25th: Plug & Play Tech Center EXPO Fall + Meetings
  • Sept 27th: (Saturday): Macintosh Computer Expo
  • Sept 29th: last day there, still open

I’ll be leaving on the 30th in the evening, so I should have some time in the morning too. I bet the available slots will be filled up after a few days spent there, as it usually happens.

The best part of spending some time in Silicon Valley is that you never have time to rest (apart from weekends of course), every single day there is definitely profitable, I love that. The number of events you can potentially attend is impressive and any event means networking, meetings and, hopefully, new business opportunities.

Again, I still have some time available for meetings, so just drop me a line or leave a comment if you want to catch up.

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