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How To Connect Google Voice to Skype

by Luca Filigheddu on March 23, 2009

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Yesterday, thanks to a magic by Craig Walker, head of Google Voice and former co-founder and CEO of GrandCentral, my GC account has been migrated to Google Voice.

The point is that Google Voice is linked to a US number so I needed to figure out how to make people always reach me regardless of my position since I use my Google Voice number as my primary US number, available on my email signature too.

The solution? Make my Skype on my laptop ring. If you are asking yourself how to do that, I have to tell you that it’s pretty easy. You just need to register to Gizmo5, get a SIP number and tell Google Voice to forward each call to that Gizmo5 account.


When ready, go to your Gizmo5 account and configure it to forward each inbound call to your Skype ID, thanks to one of the latest features added by Gizmo in the past months (OpenSkype). That’s also a great way to get a SkypeIN number without having to pay for it ;-)


When in the US instead, I used to configure GrandCentral, now Google Voice, to forward all my calls to my US mobile number. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

All that said, now when you call me at my Google Voice number, my Skype will ring, regardless of where I am. And be aware that if you leave a voicemail where you say “test”, I will read a friendly “hello”, thanks to the wonderful transcription by Google.

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