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How To Find Valuable People To Follow on Twitter with Tweepfind

by Luca Filigheddu on June 11, 2009

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I’m happy to announce that a couple of days ago my company released (softly) a new service which lets people search for users to follow on Twitter, Tweepfind.


This new service uses the same algorithm we developed (and now improved) for Tweefind, a twitter search service which became very popular in the past month.

In a nutshell, Tweepfind lets you search for Twitter users whose profile contains a certain keyword or group of keywords. The results are displayed based on the rank of the user, which is calculated taking into account different parameters that provide a good estimate on how often a person uses Twitter and how popular he/she is. Some of them are:

  • # followers
  • # following
  • # of tweets
  • # of RT he/she receives
  • # of replies
  • # of distinct users who reply
  • # of distinct users who retweet
  • # of RT he/she makes
  • # of links the user shares
  • much more…

Since the launch of Tweefind, our algorithm got better and better over time and the parameters taken into account to calculate the rank are now more than twenty. Users can follow new users one at a time or all those shown in a certain page together, by inserting their Twitter credentials.


It is important to point out that the first position of each search result is reserved to the “featured user” who bought the keyword used for the search. Example: the featured user for the keyword “voip” (example above) is now Jeff Pulver. If someone else wants to book that position, must bid for it (the minimum bid is shown inside the box). The featured user also gets a “Sitofono”, our click to call service, integrated into their box. It is connected to a voicemail that will be delivered to the user.

If no one makes a higher bid for a keyword, the featured users can keep that position for “bid x 200″ pageviews. Example: if someone pays $15 for a keyword, he/she will be displayed on top for 15 x 200 = 3.000 pageviews. In this case, after 3000 pageviews the minimum price will drop back to $4.99.

tweepfind buy keyword

Please give a try and leave your comments. We are looking forward to improving it in the following weeks and, since we have a set of APIs available, to integrating it into various Twitter desktop and mobile clients.

If you are a developer and want to use Tweepfind or Tweefind into your app, please drop me a line.

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