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Here Is The Best (and Cheapest) Skype Headset Ever

by Luca Filigheddu on August 27, 2009

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A few weeks ago I received a new FreeTalk Everyman headset that promises to deliver a crystal clear audio quality  for just $22.88. Yes, I’m not wrong, I wrote $22.88 only.

This new headset is optimized for the new SILK Audio Codec provided by Skype that delivers a very high quality by sampling voice not at the standard 8Khz (PSTN voice badwidth is around 3.4Khz) but using a 12Khz bandwidth for voice (that is 24Khz sampling rate…), the so-called HD voice.

By using a higher bandwidth human ear can percieve a much higher quality and the SILK codec makes sure that noise is taken away (a higher bandwidth means more noise).

All that said, this new headset lets you take advantage of the quality delivered by the codec mentioned above at a very cheap price. Moreover, thanks to a USB dongle, I also solved a big problem I had, that is my Macbook’s microphone jack is broken :-) You can also unplug a standard 3.5″ stereo jack out of the USB dongle in order to use the FreeTalk Everymen on any MP3 player.


Last but not least, the package is pretty unique since it is eco-friendly. Wow!


In conclusion, a very good deal for anyone shopping for a new headset. I tried lots of great headsets in the past 10 years but I can assure you this is the one with the best balance between price and quality. Thanks to Jim Courtney for adding me to the list of bloggers who had the pleasure to test this out.

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