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by Luca Filigheddu on July 15, 2010

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Image by Matt Mullenweg, via CrunchBase

As both a WordPress user and a Thesis power user, the WordPress-Thesis debate caught my attention yesterday. The complete story is well summarized here.

In a nutshell, WordPress fouunding developer Matt Mullenweb stated that premium WordPress themes must be released under GPL license while Thesis developer Chris Pearson strongly disagreed.

I’m not a lawyer so I don’t want to dig into the details of this story too much (others did, way before this story started), but what I’d like to fully understand is what Matt really wants. Yes, because if you shout out loud about this subject, it means there is something that you want to achieve and, honestly, I don’t think it is only a matter of principles and laws.

Thesis is maybe the most powerful WordPress theme out there and it’s much more than a theme, it’s rather a framework. It’s so flexible that by using it on your WP website/blog you can change the appearence completely without the need of using another theme. That said, I have to say one of the reasons I’m sticking with WordPress is also thanks to Thesis.

So what? Any idea? Is it a problem that Chris is making very good and deserved money with it? Is it a problem that there is a network of affiliates that are making (a lot of) money out of it? In my opinion, Thesis is a big deal for WordPress and Matt should admit it, sooner or later.

UPDATE: check this post out, I agree completely.

UPDATE 2: check Matt’s reply to my comment on his blog

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