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Why I Still Prefer Twitter Over Google+ (Way More)

by Luca Filigheddu on July 15, 2011

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I have been reading a lot of discussions lately in regards of the virtual “fight” between Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to retain users and to make them happy. Will Twitter loose users over Google+? Will Facebook users move to Google+?

It’s pretty clear to everyone that Google+ is way more similar to Facebook than to Twitter and when I read posts that claim it will be a threat to Twitter, I simply… smile :-)

The power of Twitter resides in its simplicity. Just 140 chars? Well, it is definitely not a limit, but another distinctive feature of Twitter that makes it unique. On Twitter, you go straight to the point. You want to share a news? A short comment (or not), title, link. Done. Your followers will get it immediately and if they want to read the entire news, they can jump to the original page and read it.

In addition, if you want to express a more complex concept on Twitter you can do that in one or two tweets, making it easy to read and removing noise since you have the 140 chars contraint. It simply forces you to be more effective and go straight to the point. Your followers can’t but say “thank you”.

Last but not least, I love how you can have discussions on Twitter. Discussions are more personal, are one to one, there is more intimacy. How can I have an “intimate” discussion with Robert Scoble when I should leave a comment to one of his posts that already have 310 comments?? The answer is easy: I simply don’t do that. On Twitter, I ignore all the replies he gets (I can find them if I want, but I will ignore them by default), but I can get his “personal” reply to me, something that would get lost on Google+.

The one above was just an example, but I think it can give you an idea of what I mean. The point is that I found many other people I usually deal with on Twitter who have exactly the same opinion and I guess they share with me pretty much the same opinion in regards of Google+.

In conclusion, am I using Google+? Well, actually, I am, but I see it as something completely different than Twitter and that has nothing to do with it, completely different things. On the contrary, if all my Facebook friends were on Google+, I think I could easily abandon Facebook and move to Google+ completely. Why? A deep integration with all the other Google services, a must for me.

So please, stop comparing Google+ to Twitter, it doesn’t make sense at all. And you won’t convince me :-)

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