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Alternative Android Apps for Facebook: Best ones listed

by alyssagclarke on February 16, 2012

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Ever wondered what will really happen if you cannot access your Facebook account or get to stay deprived of social connectivity for some unfortunate reason? Sounds unwieldy and inconvenient, doesn’t it? Though you may get to update your status on Facebook and stay connected in a nutshell via your Android device, the official app doesn’t affirm ‘I’ll always be here for you around the clock’. Probably that’s where you will be required to look out of your window and search for the alternatives of Facebook for Android. So, here’s a list of some great substitutes of Facebook App – in case, you feel fleeced of Android’s promise to keep you twinkle toes socially.

While the standard application for Facebook has been used by infinite users across the globe, the wiser lot may still feel a dearth of something better. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered the best alternatives that could come at your social hat rescue. Take a look!

FriendCaster for Android

Perfect for people who enjoy spending hours in keeping their social world knitted, FriendCaster for Android brings in a great, intuitive user experience. Integrated with amazing features, the medium for Android-powered devices boasts of its new Action-Bar User Interface. The neat-looking FriendCaster comes equipped with dark and light themes, appealing layout structure and enhanced security via Enforced SSL Encryption.

By taking advantage of which, you will be enabled to manage your Facebook Page very easily and upload favorite photos and videos quickly. In fact, the app will also let you capture a picture from your device’s camera and upload it straightaway to your account. Now, that sounds a whole lot of great! Interestingly, FriendCaster offers you an inclusive interaction as it doesn’t crash like Android’s Official Facebook App.

Featuring better control over notifications, the incredible alternative furthermore ensures thorough stability for you to have an awesome journey. What’s more, users will also be able to glance through their profiles and news feed in a neat form.

Compatible with almost any Android phone, FriendCaster for Android can now be downloaded from Android Market. Those who do not want to fork out anything can still benefit from the app’s free version.

Seesmic Android App for Facebook

If there’s anything else that wriggles as a useful, feature-rich alternative to your Facebook experience, then it has to be Seesmic. Designed exclusively for social butterflies, the attractive tool revamps your entire networking in a way that nothing else could ever. So, be it updating your status for comments and likes, poking people for fun, chatting with friends or joining groups, the app lets you do almost all.

But what may take you by surprise is – Seesmic can even be used for Google Buzz, Twitter and Salesforce Chatter accounts. However, that nowhere means that your connectivity with Facebook will be stirred in any way. On the other hand, Seesmic Android App swears up and down to tickle you pink for various reasons.

Coming to the perk that it prances with, the app has been incorporated with the ability to upload videos and photos, manage posting to Facebook Pages and read messages. There are widgets as well for enhanced convenience whereas integration with Twitter will let you manage your accounts, re-tweet and indulge in cross-posting.

Quite a lot an awesome app, Seesmic can now be downloaded from the company’s official website. Having that said, it’s indeed a great tool not just for Facebook, but also for Twitter admirers.

That brings us to an end of our glimpse into the best alternatives to Facebook App for Android. Hopefully, the aforementioned apps won’t only put a lid on your problems with Android’s official Facebook app, but will also ensure unprecedented ease and comfort.

This post was written by

alyssagclarke – who has written posts on Tech Genial.
About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak. She is always on a look out for latest tech stuff and is currently hunting for a cool 3D monitor and a new gaming mouse.


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