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4 Techniques Thieves Utilize To Take Your Identity By Telephone

by ColanGallow529 on October 30, 2012

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Identity thieves have become very sophisticated. As reported by IBM’s X-Force Trend and Risk Report fraudulent mail messages sending someone to a phony web site typically referred to as phishing is on the rise. It doesn’t end there unfortunately. There has been an escalation in online server breaches. And in addition the same goes for cell phones since a lot of people have gotten rid of the traditional land line and use their cell phones exclusively.

No matter what sort of phone people use identity theft criminals have a scam for it. They do not always have to hack into it either. Speaking with you specifically sometimes provides the great results since it plays on a variety of emotions not to mention the immediacy of the issue. A few of these are

1. You Currently Owe The IRS

Very few things will scare you like a phone call from the IRS. The fraudster says something was wrong with your tax information from this year or previous ones. In order for you to avoid an audit, a serious financial fine or going to prison it is very important that you cooperate with this fake representative.

They take the gamble that after saying all of this you will be to scared to do anything else. Therefore you begin to provide as much private information as is possible.

2. Jury Duty

There is a bench warrant for your arrest. You had jury duty on such and such a day yet failed to show up. Protesting you never got a summons of any sort doesn’t work. The sheriff’s office is on the way. Then they ask you to verify some information. After doing that they inform you that they need to verify everything is correct and call you back later.

3. The Process Server

This is often by means of a subpoena or an alleged debt. Just like the Internal Revenue Service and jury duty scams, the thief is extremely demanding. This notice has to be sent to you right away therefore they want to verify the street address and also ensure you will be there. To your temporary comfort the street address does not match what’s on their records so they are going to check the social security number.

4. Congratulations You Won A Prize

It’s an ancient con but it can certainly still work. Particularly on senior citizens one of the groups most targeted by identity fraudsters. You’ve won whatever sweepstakes. The prize can be sent to you immediately but first the “agent” will need you to provide answers to the following questions.

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