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Gaming Made Easy with Automated Kiosks

by melanie05 on November 8, 2012

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Gaming Made Easy with Automated Kiosks

Office of the Future

Forget for a moment the countless possible uses for customized retail kiosks. Forget all of the wonderfully helpful information and products you have instant access to. Think in terms of entertainment. The gaming potential with kiosks is immense. In many ways, gaming kiosks already enjoy widespread use—they’re called slot machines. But why should you have to go to a casino to play one? Automated kiosks make gaming easy—in bars, in malls, airports and other locations. Their convenience, cost effectiveness, portability and virtually unlimited applicability make kiosks the business entertainment solution.

Tap in to the Self-Service Revolution

It could be anywhere, from the grocery store to the post office, but people love self service. Buying stamps, renting DVDs, exchanging coins for cash, making grocery purchases, adding minutes to a cell phone—whatever! More than ever, consumers love to do it themselves. It’s empowering. It makes a person feel like they can get in and get out without a hitch. Use an ATM lately? Then you appreciate self service, too.

In many ways, retail kiosks are nothing new. It’s just the technology that has changed. LCD touchscreen interfaces, USB ports and other smart features give kiosks a futuristic look and feel. Modern retail kiosks represent the next step in the self-service revolution: easy to use, multifunctional, efficient, and for the business owner, incredibly cost effective.

Gaming Frontiers

Where gaming is concerned, it’s not just the actual playing of games that gives kiosks their amazing utility, although that’s a huge part of it. Automated kiosks can be used for loyalty programs, business promotions, special offers and various other incentives meant to nurture and reward favored customers.

Casinos have found a number of ways to take advantage of the cost-cutting convenience and easy operation of kiosks. They are used to dispense winnings or, for members with guest cards, to add and remove credits. This saves the concern money in two ways: one, the number of staff necessary to work a casino is cut down, which reduces labor costs. Two, customers find it’s easier than ever to game, so they’re more likely to play, which raises the revenue for the house.

Instant Gratification

Here’s another way businesses have jumped on the kiosk bandwagon: by creating self-service exchange units where gamers can easily trade in one title for store credit. It’s instant, it’s gratifying and it keeps people coming in. This is a successful strategy at GameStop as well as Best Buy. Gamers return used games then immediately receive a voucher good for store credit. It’s a genius marketing tool that creates profits both for the businesses as well as kiosk manufacturers.

Your concern may not be at the scale of a Best Buy, but you can still utilize the power of kiosks to keep your customers happy and coming back. Instant gratification is a powerful motivator when it comes to sales. To a customer, there is nothing like an immediate return, and with gaming, this is a must. So let a kiosk transform your entertainment business, whether it be a sports booking unit, a video game or even a multifunctional unit that allows customers to play, purchase items off a menu and peruse gift shop products, all from the same spot!

Haley Brown writes for business blogs where you can learn more about kiosks for sale and how to make a custom kiosks.

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