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Do Organizational Skills of a Manager Influence on Team’s Work?

by Jannet Sparts on December 8, 2012

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An effective project manager helps his project team to go through all the stages of development and reach full potential of the whole team and all its members. He should be able to predict the onset of the next stage of development and to lead the team forward. On successful completion of the project, the feeling of job satisfaction creates a desire for further joint activities.

The important role in the success of a project plays project manager’s ability to organize a work of the entire project team as well as his own work. Simply speaking, a project manager who is able to organize his own piece of work within a project correctly, will most likely cope successfully with the management of the whole team. And the opposite is also true: the better are project manager’s skills in managing the entire project team, the better he will cope with the organization of his own pieces of work within this or that project. And such software as Comindware task tracking software will greatly facilitate the process of planning of work within a project and will as well help to track the performance of tasks by the members of the project team.

In order to answer the question that has been raised in the title of the article, it is vital to look more attentively at distinguishing between such concepts as “leader” and “manager”. “Leader” commonly means a person which is able to influence others, and “leadership” is a process with the help of which one person influences another person or people. And a “manager” is a kind of “formal leader” which is responsible for the whole project and the results of team work. He gives orders and poses the tasks, doing which a project team achieves the results. So, it is obvious that the influence of a “leader” on the team is stronger than the influence of a “manager”, or just “formal leader”. But nevertheless, a person who is just a “formal leader”, or a “manager” of this or that project, should also realize the responsibility for the impact that his organizational skills have on the team. And the additional programs for issue tracking within a project can be equally useful for both leaders and just formal managers. For more information about this kind of software click here please.

The better a project manager will organize the work of a project team – the better will be general results.


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Jannet Sparts – who has written posts on Tech Genial.
Hi, my name’s Jannet Sparts and I’m working as an editor of Online Issues. I write for several blogs sharing my experience and observations. I have worked as a project manager in several companies. So I have tried different PM tools, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. I use Comindware Tracker for my project management processes.


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