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How to Avoid Some Common Web Design Mistakes

by viteb on February 7, 2013

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Websites are integral part of businesses. So it is important that we present an organized and quality website to the audience. The article aims at rectifying some common mistakes found in web designing.

Websites- we know them and we need them. There is no survival without it. Everything is happening at a global level and so businesses need to attract the audiences from all around the world. For that very reason one needs to have a website that will represent their company on the internet. Our impression is created based on what is seen by our audience on our website.

Most people try to add a lot of things on their websites so that it would look fancy but it backfires. A website has become an integral part of companies and lot of attention is paid to it. Sometimes we want to make it so attractive that we end up creating a mess. Sometimes people try to dish out too much information and sometimes to less. Many at times people forget the content for design and sometimes vica versa. Anyone can build a website but it is important to build a website that will keep our target audience interested. Compromising on the quality of the website has a negative effect on our business. So let’s avoid some mistakes we make and build a website that will feed the audience with what he/she wants to see or hear.

Do not clutter your website with too much information. Only relevant and much needed information should be allowed on the website. Sometimes when we visit a website, on the homepage itself we are blasted with too much information. But what a visitor needs is a crisp, clean and an organized website. What colors we choose is also important. For example, a hospital cannot use colors that are bright; they need to use subtle colors. There should also not be a color clash or else it would look like a disaster. A good navigation is important in any website. Ensure there is proper navigation so that visitors can locate their desired information. Sometime we see that the fonts are too small or too big. Proper legible fonts will help the site’s attractiveness.

These elements help in portraying a good, proper and quality website. When we avoid such mistakes, it will help us to create a proper user-friendly website. So avoiding such mistakes will give you a better presentable website.


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