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Tech Genial, formerly LucaFiligheddu.com, is now a blog covering technology, social media, blogging and mobile. If you think you can offer your contribution to this blog, please keep reading :-)

Guest Posting is a really effective way to increase your online presence and subscribers and it also portrays you as a an expert in your niche.

How to Guest Post?

It’s easy: just submit your post via WordPress

Posting via wordpress gives you the ability to use wordpress’ advanced editing features. You have to follow these steps to guest post via WordPress:

  • Register  for an account at Tech Genial and fill out your Bio.
  • Contact us and send us your username
  • We will upgrade your account so that you can write for the blog.
  • Write a post, save it and then it will be reviewed and published.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Here are some guidelines you need to follow in order to have your post published:

  • The post should be minimum 500 words long
  • The post should be relevant to our blog – Study Tech Genial and submit articles which will be of importance to our reader base.
  • The post must be original and you agree not to post it somewhere else
  • No affiliate links
  • If the images being used are under a certain license, then you should give it an Image credit by linking it to the source.
  • Fill in your Bio with not more than 2 links (one extra link for twitter profile) or send it via the contact form
  • If you are not sure, you can send a brief excerpt of the post via the contact form

Why Should I Guest Post at Tech Genial?

  • Increase Traffic to your website
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Increase Subscribers
  • Increase your online presence
  • Building your Brand
  • Get Quality Links

If you still have any queries about guest posting. Contact us with the Subject as “Guest Post”